How to Lower Shipping Costs for E-Commerce

E-Commerce Pressures to Lower Shipping Rates One of the biggest cost challenges for small e-commerce retailers is most definitely shipping. Many online retailers are forced to charge a flat rate for shipping or provide the cost after check-out because of the complexity that goes into providing real-time rates.  At this point, you risk losing margin

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ipshipping with net parcel video

How to Compare Shipping Rates

Top things to Look for when Comparing Shipping Rates Let’s face it, shipping can be a real pain point for everyone. It can be confusing, with all the different services, varying rates and transit times. This is included, but not that with option A, but the opposite with option B… It’s enough to drive anyone

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discount shipping

Shipping Discounts for Small Business

Are you Getting the Best Shipping Discounts? The best way for a small business to get a good discount on shipping rates is to ship in volume with one carrier. But “volume” can mean different things to different courier companies, and you may or may not qualify for those rates, even though you’re technically a

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so many shipping companies - why choose netParcel?

So Many Shipping Companies – Why

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a shipping company. We believe that netParcel is your best choice. It’s what we strive for with every business decision we make, with every partnership we establish. Serving Canada, the US, and elsewhere netParcel services small parcel pickup locations in Canada and

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