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A Simple Solution for Postal Service Problems

They may trudge through snow, sleet and rain, but postal workers will not endure every obstacle so that citizens receive their mail. The nation-wide services undergo strikes and walkouts that can slow the delivery of letters and packages, sometimes forcing the entire system to come to a standstill. Find out what types of trouble can

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The Top E-commerce Sites for 2019 – Reviewed

If you are an E-commerce merchant, it doesn’t suffice any longer to pick one channel and stick with it. Consumers are savvier than ever, and the data shows that, increasingly, they buy their good and services across multiple channels. Essentially, wherever your customers are, you want to be there. And wherever you are, we at

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4 Ecommerce Trends to Watch in 2019

As with most things tied to the world of technology, E-commerce is moving quickly. The relatively new form of retail continued to its upward trajectory through 2018 and into the New Year, in large part because of its willingness to explore new technologies, new methodologies and new ways of optimizing sales platforms. What this means

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Helping eCommerce Partners Grow with Real Time Rates

eCommerce Expansion eCommerce merchants have been searching for discounted shipping rates and amazing service for long enough.  There is some exciting news to be shared. In 2014, netParcel worked closely with Shopify and Big Commerce to save their merchants time and money on shipping while also providing added features such as the LTL and small parcel

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eCommerce Challenge: Publishing Shipping Rates

Shipping Expense Risk A number of shipping strategies exist to circumvent the ability to provide real-time shipping rates to customers.  Strategies such as free shipping, flat rate, and tiered pricing (based on cart value) all exist as a means to overcome real-time rate shortcomings. These strategies can eat into margins given shipping rates are largely

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