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Free Delivery?  I Will Shop With You.

I am one of those people that add items to my cart and wait until I hit the free shipping dollar threshold before I “checkout”.  I have also been known to create a wish list and wait for a free shipping promotion to be announced.  If I will be charged a shipping rate with my order, I likely won’t shop with you.

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Should You Charge For Shipping?

Now, most of us know that when e-tailers promote free shipping they have often applied the shipping cost to their product’s list price. Perception is everything.  When my total basket cost is roughly what I had computed in my mind already (aside from the tax), it makes for a successful transaction.  As soon as there is a surprise rate added for shipping, many customers abort.  It truly is a numbers game.

In Forbes article, What Is The Ideal Method To Charge For Shipping? author David K. Williams suggests companies run a quick Google search on “shipping charges” to see how much angst customers of any business are feeling if they believe you’re charging too much.  Certain industries are more forgiving, but do yourself a favour and analyze the market and survey your customers with abandoned carts.

What a perfect opportunity we have at netParcel to help our e-commerce customers secure shipping and courier rates of up to 70% off regular posted rates.  This will most certainly help online shopaholics like myself. Sign-up and join the family today.

About the author: Lee de Hooge

A strategic and digital marketer, Lee has been in the online space for almost a decade working for successful, big brand Canadian retailers. Lee brings a wealth of marketing and eCommerce expertise to netParcel. She is passionate about social media and has been looking for cheaper ways to ship all of her online purchases for years. Lee has two young boys that add just the right amount of chaos to keep life exciting. She can be found on her smartphone and cooking -- almost always at the same time.

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