Label Size Selection and Electronic Commercial Invoice

Letter Sized and Thermal Label Selection

To change your default label size please follow the steps below:

  1. Click the welcome button in the top right section of the app
  2. Click “Settings”
  3. Navigate to “Preferred Label Size” and select your preferred label.  Thermal or Letter Sized.
  4. Click “Save Settings”
  5. You’re done!

Electronic Commercial Invoice

netParcel is happy to support Paperless Commercial Invoices for all international UPS shipments.  Moving forward we will no longer create 3 copies of the commercial invoice for you to print and include with your shipment. The information will now be submitted directly to UPS electronically upon label creation and will aid in faster clearance and less time on your end printing and attaching to your parcels!

The earlier the customs clearance process begins, the more efficient you will be in getting your international shipments on their way much faster. UPS Paperless® Invoice is an industry first that eliminates the need for paper commercial invoices and other documentation required by customs in many countries. Here are just some of the advantages of filing online via netParcel:

  1. Reduce the risk of physical paperwork attached to a shipment being lost in transit
  2. Eliminate redundant data entry, saving time and reducing the chance of errors or inconsistencies
  3. Get data to your customs broker earlier, starting the clearance process before the shipment even gets to the border
  4. Receive alerts quickly for any customs issues that could cause delays
  5. Help keep customs values confidential when shipping directly to customers
  6. Go green and reduce paper usage



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