Reference: What You Need To Know About UPS’s Peak Surcharges

Back in June, news came out that UPS was planning to levy surcharges for peak periods, including over the coming 2018 holidays. To offset some of the added costs incurred during their busiest periods, UPS made the decision to add one or more peak surcharges for packages based on certain characteristics, as well as service level.

In this article, in an effort to continue providing you with the cheapest shipping to Canada we will detail which packages will be affected, the prices of the peak surcharges, as well as the applicable time period for the surcharges. Bookmark this page and use it as a reference in the coming months.

What Types Of Packages Are Applicable?

UPS outlines three categories to which the peak surcharge will apply: “Large Packages”, “Over Maximum Limit Packages” and “Additional Handling Packages”. Let’s break down those terms by UPS’s definition.

Large Packages are defined by the courier company as those that exceed a combined length + girth of 330 centimeters. To learn more about how to calculate the combined length and girth of your package, watch this YouTube video, which does a good job of explain the process.

Over Maximum Packages are defined by UPS as being over 150 pounds, or over 165 inches length and girth when measuring the “billable weight”. In an effort to offer you the cheapest way to ship from Canada to US (and vice versa), we have covered the calculation of billable weight here on this very blog, so check out that article to learn more.

Additional Handling Packages is probably the most complex of the three categories, as UPS gives a number of criteria for what constitutes such a package (and, even then, they make a point of saying “…but not limited to…”). Essentially, we are talking about packages that aren’t in cardboard, but instead are packaged in metal or wood, etc.; irregularly shaped packages, such as cylinders; and packages with weights unspecified on the source document.

How Much Are These Peak Surcharges, And When Do They Take Effect?

According to the UPS website, the surcharges are in effect September 9th through to January 12th of next year, encompassing holidays like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas and Boxing Day.

The rates are as follows:

  • An additional $6 for Additional Handling Packages
  • An additional $250 on over maximum limits
  • And an additional $40 for large packages.

Use this guide for reference when shipping applicable items through UPS this fall and winter, and you can also check out this resource for tips for dealing with shipping orders during the holidays.

Rate as of July 2018 Additional Peak Surcharge Total Peak Charge
Additional Handling Charge* $12.00 $6.00 $18.00
Over Maximum Limits** $650.00 $250.00 $900.00
Large Package Surcharge*** $65.00 $40.00 $105.00

Regardless of whether your packages are considered for peak surcharges, go with netParcel for the cheapest shipping to USA and Canada. Keep following our netParcel blog for more news stories from the shipping industry, and check out the netParcel website to find great, cheap rates on shipping to and from the US and Canada.

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